Sound Healing

Sound Baths in Donegal


 Special Winter SolsticeRitual

Contact 0879667I42 if you want to go on a waiting, should cancellations arise.


Sound Baths for deep relaxation and healing, featuring healing Solfeggio Frequencies, waves of soothing sound from Gongs, Chimes and Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Sound bathing may help with fatigue, mood and stress, allowing your mind and body to go towards a deep relaxation response, where your own healing mechanisms are given a chance to work their magic. 

  • Soul Tree Studio, (Sarah Jane Yoga) Gweedore on a monthly basis. 
  • Markethall, Glenties, Glenties, on a 6-weekly basis.
  • Special Winter Solstice Sound Healing and Shamanic Healing Ritual with Caroline Burrow of Northern Meadow Therapy at The Community Centre Letterkenny, 7.30pm Dec 21st, 2022. (Link to buy standard ticket on this page. Book early to avoid disappointment.)
  • Up to date listings on the events section of this FB page

Pay in advance, to avoid disappointment. Make sure you text Maria on o879667142 to let her know you have made a payment, to indicate which event you are attending and whether or not you want to have a yoga mat & bolster provided. 

When packing for a sound bath :

  • Think warmth and comfort. Comfortable clothes, warm socks, cosy blanket/s, hot water bottle?-Bring something padded to lie on. (Folded quilt, sleeping bag, camping mattress or a second yoga mat etc.)
  • Consider bringing something to support under your knees. This passively releases the psoas muscles in the low back. (There are bolsters available. Please indicate by text if you want one provided. There is a limited supply so book early o879667142).
  • If you prefer lying in your side ( which is a wonderful way to avoid snoring ), consider bringing ANOTHER PILLOW to place between your knees.
  • Arrive in good time so you are well settled before the start. Late arrivals can disturb the event.
  • Remember DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE into the sound bath!