Pregnancy Yoga

Why pregnancy yoga?

Yoga is an incredibly powerful tool to help a mother's body comfortably adjust to the accelerated changes experienced during pregnancy, as well as prepare for the physical challenges of the birthing process. Yoga's holistic approach, comprising physical exercises, breathing, meditation and relaxation practices leaves it uniquely placed to nourish both mother and baby's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as they journey towards birthing and beyond.

Breathwork in particular can powerfully centre a mother, and help her to connect to her birthing body, while yoga poses can provide a repetoire of positions for active birthing. By providing a number of gentle but targeted practices, yoga helps a mother to 'come into her body', 'to be lead by her heart' and 'follow her gut', thus opening her to a deep well of intuitive wisdom and mothering instincts that will empower her to actively choose her path through the transformation that is birth. 

Yoga for pregnancy and birth facilitated by Pregnancy/Birth/Postnatal Yoga Instructor Maria Coleman. Learn exercises to strenghten your body and prepare for birth. The yoga practice will be followed by a guided relaxation and sound bath to release fear and visualise your ideal delivery.

What's a sound bath? Featuring healing Solfeggio Frequencies, waves of soothing sound from Gongs, Chimes and Tibetan Singing Bowls, this sound bath will trigger a deep relaxation response and may help with fatigue, mood and stress, deeply nurturing mind and body, while also allowing you to connect with your baby. All sounds will be soothing and your baby will also enjoy them, since they swim in a sonic world! (Scroll down to read what you need to bring.)

Please message/ring Maria on O879667142 to discuss any health challenges you may have, be they pregnancy related otherwise. 

Next Upcoming Workshop: Soul Tree Studio Gweedore, March 23rd 1.30-5pm

When packing for a sound bath 

  • Think warmth and comfort. Comfortable clothes, warm socks, cosy blanket/s, hot water bottle?-Bring something padded to lie on. (Folded quilt, sleeping bag, camping mattress or a second yoga mat etc.)
  • Consider bringing something to support under your knees. This passively releases the psoas muscles in the low back. (There are bolsters available at the event).
  • If you prefer lying in your side ( advisable during pregnancy and a wonderful way to avoid snoring ), consider bringing ANOTHER PILLOW to place between your knees. A limited amount of body pillows can be made available. Text 0879667124 to enquire.
  • Remember DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE into the sound bath!