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Lockdown has driven everyone to technology. I should be in my element. In a 'past life' I was a tech whizz. I dabbled in coding and used cutting edge interactive video and sound software, as well as sensors and microcontrollers during my masters degree and doctoral research. I even designed an interactive multimedia tool called the Body Response...

Everywhere you look in Ireland there are those yellow, black and white ads with spiky sphere graphics representing viruses. I was having a nice relationship with the colour yellow until they authorities hijacked it. Now, I'm not so sure. I'm a visual learner, so as went into the eighth week of lockdown and crisis fatigue began to set in, I...

In my last post, I used the story of Chicken Licken to look at how fear is a hard-wired, brainstem instinct that not only has the ability to be involuntary and contagious, but can also rob us of our ability to think logically. Fear is explored a little further here, as are the effect of emotions on immune response....

The day after the school's closed due to the pandemic, a pretty unusual 'Late Late Show' aired on RTÉ. No audience attended and there were representatives from the health service, teachers and voluntary organisations present to discuss the unfolding and unprecedented situation. It was all entirely surreal, but what stood out for me, was a peculiar...

Other writing by Maria Coleman:

Relational Works-in-Movement Using the Body Response System
(Chapter published in the book The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology - (Part of the Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology book series,)

Reappraising the disappearing Body and the Disembodied Eye through Multisensory Art
(Published in Crossings eJournal of Art and Technology. Winner of the ARTStap Award 2012.)

Maria is a 'Citizen Journalist' representing Donegal and Ireland on the European Ladder Project. Articles published to date:
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Whistle-stop Biog: Maria's long and varied educational and vocational history has taken on The Scenic Route through life, affording her a rare 'generalist' outlook, and aptitudes in a wide variety of fields. Her qualifications (so far), are in yoga, art, music and technology, (with sound healing and Gaeilge in progress), and she has years of experience as a musician, artist and researcher as well as being a published writer. She has taught yoga, art, music and technology in a variety of settings. Work experience has come by way of community development and arts management and she volunteers as a positive-birth and mental health advocate. Her keenest interests currently lie in the space where yoga, science, psychology, creativity, play, sound and wellbeing meet. She lives in Donegal with her family. Is aoibhinn leí ceol agus Gaeilge.