Creating Compassion Weekend Retreat

Creating Compassion 

A weekend retreat of Compassionate Mind Training, yoga, creativivity and nature practices to nurture your body and mind. 

Donegal Yoga Retreats are collaborating with Northern Meadow Therapy to bring you a unique two night retreat in West Donegal that delivers Compassionate Mind Training using yoga, creativity, healing sound and immersion in nature.

Led by clinical psychologist Dr. Caroline Burrow,  (Northern Meadow Therapy) and co-facilitated by artist, musician, sound healer and yoga teacher Maria Coleman. (Comhcheol Arts and Wellness)

Our hosts for the weekend are Lough Meela Lodge, a unique property adjacent to the Burtonport Railway Walk and just a short drive from a number of white-sand beaches.

What to expect

A weekend retreat in beautiful West Donegal with

  • Compassionate Mind Training 
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Slow Yoga 
  • Creative Arts 
  • Healing Sound Bath 
  • Nature Connection Practices 
  • Singing /Drumming Circle 
  • Nature / Beach Walks 

In this retreat you will primarily learning how to develop your 'compassionate mind' through a combination of nurturing practices. 

In developing your compassionate mind, you can reduce self-criticism, balance difficult emotions (such as anger, anxiety, shame), and enhance your relationships with yourself and others.There are now many research studies showing that higher levels of self-compassion are associated with lots of benefits, including higher levels of happiness, wellbeing, and positivity, as well as lower levels of self-criticism, and feelings of shame, anxiety and depression. 

In the retreat you will learn:

• How our minds are naturally susceptible to getting caught up into unhelpful thinking and emotion 'loops'
• About the 'three emotion systems' model, and how many of us can get stuck in emotional imbalance.
• What compassion is, what kind of things help facilitate it, what can block it, and how we can train our minds in compassion.
• That compassion can come in three different 'flows' - to others (compassion for others), from others (compassion from others) and to ourselves (self-compassion).

You will have the opportunity to experience and develop skills in:

• Mindfulness - we will explore the power of attention and awareness, and practice a variety of mindfulness exercises
• Breathing - practicing how certain types of breathing rhythm help to sooth and calm the body and the mind.
• Compassion - we will explore how to develop your 'compassionate mind' through a variety of practices, including those involving memory, imagery, embodied action, emotion and thinking.
• Yoga and body practices - you will learn how to soothe and calm your body and mind, and using yoga poses we can learn ways to embody the three flows of compassion.
• Creative arts activities - we will explore compassion using a variety of creative arts activities.
• Sound healing & Music - Deep relaxation supported by a healing sound journey to facilitate integration, healing and transformation. A singing / drumming circle will help us to playfully embody our compassionate minds.

The retreat is held in beautiful West Donegal, close to dramatic mountains, and a spectacular coastline, with a number of blue flag beaches.
You will stay in the Lough Meela Lodge, situated close to the picturesque harbour of Burtonport, a short drive from the small town of Dungloe and Donegal Airport.
Lunches and evening meals are provided. 

EARLY BIRD PRICES available until the end of January 2023